The best Product Data in the industry!

Always up-to-date Digital Product Catalogs for:

Normalized and Scrubbed

The product data has been scrubbed and validated against industry e Business standards to ensure quality and consistency. This means you and your manufacturers can be on the same page.This XOEnhanced data reduces the time and effort spent translating reformatting content.

Rich Marketing Content

Product data includes all the information to market products online. Including:
  • Product Images
  • Spec sheet reference files
  • Manufacturer/Vendor Product Availability/Inventory*
  • Pricing Sheets*
  • Product Attributes for indexable searching
  • XOLogic Standardized Categorization/Taxonomy

Website and Website and In-store point-of-sale (POS)

We help you design your website

Our team of web designers will work with your to make sure your site is exactly how you want it to be before you go live. We walk you through the entire process from start to finish to make sure you are getting what you want.

Secure Account Logins for Contractors, Designers, etc. on your website

Special access to special pricing = keeping customers

If contractors/designers/builders are your business, you want to keep those accounts coming back to you to buy your products. Make sure you have the features that your customers want before they think about buying from someone else. With XOLogic's Solutions, you can give your accounts a secure login to browse your website and put together their own orders using their account pricing. Online ordering for your accounts has never been easier with XOLogics Solutions!

Stay Open for business 24x7x365

Take orders at any time of day and let your accounts enter orders from anywhere on any device.

Give your accounts direct access to ordering on your website. Contact us to setup a demo.

Integrate your Product Catalog into your other systems

Do you already have a website with no products, or are they are always out of date? Let us help you.

Publish your Product Catalog to your existing website by integrating just the product section of your website. We make this very easy for you.

If your website does not have the ability to search for the products that you sell, your customers are going to pass you by.

Use pricing from your existing system

We can integrate with your existing system to get prices in real-time for your logged in accounts. This way you can maintain your existing system for pricing.

Any type of technology changes can cause serious disruption to your business. We will work to make sure that you can keep everything running smoothly, while adding these new capabilities.

Integrate with your existing ERP for processing orders

We have integrated with most common ERP systems and have integration consultants who will work with you to synchronize the data that you need to automate the order entry process and remove any need for duplicate order entry.

Want to sell on eTailer sites like Amazon, Houzz or others?

We provide Product Data Feeds that you can use to upload your products to wherever you want. We have customers that sell on Amazon, Shopify, Houzz and Overstock.

Normalizing product data is hard work. Especially when everyone requires a specific format for the data to be in. Our data is the most complete set of product data for the industries that we support and can be customized to any required format.

Find out how you can get a Product Data Feed. Contact us today.